The 20 best Korean beauty sheet masks

Korean sheet masks have been trendy for a few years now thanks to Instagram, where everyone from K-Beauaty mavens to celebrities snap pics of them plastered on their faces. They’re also an affordable trend, costing as little as a dollar to try, and available everywhere from your local Sephora to Walgreens.
That said, not all Korean sheet masks are alike, although they may appear to be. There are several different kinds of fabrics (fiber, pulp, hydrogel, etc), as well as different ingredients tailored to certain skin challenges like acne, dryness, aging, and more. Most sheet masks will be helpful to your skin, but if you want to target specific issues, be sure to read up on what you’re buying first.

Having sheet masked more than a normal human probably should, we’re sharing our favorite Korean sheet masks with you so you’ll know what to look out for when you go skincare shopping. Wrap up your hair, get a glass of wine, and enjoy!

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By: Colette Bennett
Colette Bennett is a writer and editor who specializes in geek culture, beauty products, and Amazon deals. Her work has appeared on CNN, HLN, Engadget, Kotaku, Colourlovers, and Continue Magazine. She's also given talks on working in news for CNN's Leadership Unplugged program. Bennett also runs popular Korean beauty blog Chok Chok Beauty and regularly slathers her face in snail slime.
Top 20 Korean Beauty Sheet Masks