IWISH INC specializes in South Korean beauty cosmetics and skin care; with focus in overall skin health, illuminating natural beauty. IWISH INC works with clients and vendors to streamline supply chain solutions, striving to exceed expectations. IWISH INC offers retail and chain stores marketing solutions and beauty trend data from South Korea to maintain the domestic United States market up to date on latest trends.


It is essential, for a successful career at IWISH INC, to be an entrepreneur instead of an employee. Within the company, we are not only focusing on our daily missions, but also extending our business vision. One thing unique about IWISH INC is, it gives you opportunity to try out new things, new ideas and to really apply yourself, which is something you usually don’t have the chance to do.


In order to have a great career at IWISH INC, it is significant to be passionate about your products, your job and your company. Only when we believe in the products and the company, we can make other people believe in them. The more you share your ideas and objectives, the more easily results and objectives will be reached.

Flexible and Open-minded

In IWISH, being open-minded and flexible and keeping that open-minded spirit, is going to be beneficial in whatever you do in your life. Like it or not, situations do change and last-minute decision do happen. We are working in a dynamic market and IWISH is a company that strives for excellence.

Major Achievement & Goals