Why hydrating ampoule?

When it comes to getting that coveted K-beauty glow, no amount of highlighter is going to beat drenching your skin in hydration so that it lights up from within. Here, why hydrating ampoules are a must in your routine (and which budget-friendly option made it to the top 2 on Get It Beauty).

Out of the 100 ampoules, the top four were presented, each with their labels and brands obscured. The finalists included the seaNtree Hyaluron Ampoule 100 (from brand “S,” but you could still see the name Hyaluron Ampoule 100). This little gem — brought into the test by dermatologist Ahn In Sook, director of the Korean Society of Dermatology — actually ended up being the second place winner of the hydrating ampoules; it increased skin hydration by 88.46% even after three hours. The panel raved that it felt very lightweight, absorbed super quickly, and had a clean, non-sticky finish. In fact, host Jang Yoon-ju commented that of the two ampoules they had just tried, the seaNtree one felt the best. The panel also liked that it was very simply formulated without unnecessary ingredients like artificial colorants or fragrance.